Who are we?

About Us


Anka Farm is a genuine family business originally from a small farming village in Turkey and have long been engaged in exporting. Celik family started in the 1980s with wholesale and than moved on to trading to finally reach the point of becoming its own producer and trader, as for now our speciality is in cherries which is one of the core products.

Success in fruit industry has a lot to do with exprience and work. The longer you have been in business, the better get. You learn all about fruit and the people with fruit.


In 1980s the family business was found in Izmir. Company started its business with one wholesale shop in Izmir than it moved on to trading to finally reach the point of becoming its own producer.

The company run by second generation of the family to meet new challanges of the market and to turn into a global company. Anka Farms also co-work with other growers in 6 countries in order to expand product line and to supplu year-round avaliable fruits. For this reason, we support our growers in their actions to harvest finest fruits for our partners.

We aim for long-term relationships with our growers, customers and partners we proud to work with. This collaboration is not only about a business relationship. As Anka Group, our relationships are mainly very personal. We never lose sight of the mutual interests in our business relationships. We appreciate what we achieve together.